Monday, December 8, 2014

Tugged, Twisted & Traversing the Post Publication World

Greetings All!
Through untimely computer crashes, purchasing a replacement, and having announced my book on Nov 21st, I was absent soon after the launch. Talking about freakout time, but I'm cool now. I'm slowly loading my programs on the new laptop as I have focused on my social networks. I'm still days behind in my email, but that's nothing new. It's just bad timing to be so torn whether to work from the oldest or newest. Therefore, I'm switching my attack every other day and hoping those lost in the middle aren't the most important. 1306 to go and I'm still optimistic? Yeah... Miraculous!

"The Last Train" has rolled out with and without me, and is gaining speed. I've had 4 great reviews and only one was from a close friend. I have many close friends yet to motivate. I thought Wren Hartwood's comment to me was most flattering, "Bloody Brilliant!" She's the one who also wrote a review. She's as excited as I am!

Now I have Links:
Barnes and Noble:
Amazon Canada:
My Landing Page:

I've been on Goodreads and several other social networks but have sadly neglected them, However, I'm new and doing good on Twitter. I was pleased to find it simple enough to wash away my apprehensions over joining another network. So, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are my most active networks.

Meanwhile, once the tyranny of email is under control, I am working on a collection of short stories by Barry Woodham and myself. We may also have a wonderful guest writer join us. Then, through 2015, I'll be working on shorter works for publication. I also know what I am doing with "The Rising" series. Book one is such a big epic that I have decided to split it into three parts in 2016, Then the other books in the series will follow. When I took it off the market I was overwhelmed several times recomposing "The Rising of Julian Adams." Writing short stories to refresh myself was a delightful breather. Many of them showed up in ezines, but are no longer available. Thus the coming collections will give them new life.

On this roller coaster life, I'm Joyous & Excited!

Richard Alan – Author

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