Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Busy, Well & Sparkling Reviews

Greetings Friends,

I’ve been very busy writing, editing, searching out publishing options, and keeping up my friendships found while expanding my internet presence. My Printmaster program also came today which is a familiar graphics design program I haven’t had since I moved up to Windows 7. Their graphics are copyrighted so I have searched online for suitable graphics for the cover of my upcoming novella, “Empire 13.”  I have a wonderful new beta reader who has also read my first book and had offered to help me do more editing on it for a second edition release. I would still like 2-3 more beta readers, so if you’re interested let me know. My public email is

Two of my author friends have graciously written those elusive reviews of my first book that I wanted to share with you as bright stars in this labyrinth life of mine. I copied them right out of Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars An incline upwards, the vista opens wide, and you are dropped into a thrilling plunge into a world you only thought you knew! February 17, 2013

Format: Paperback |Amazon Verified Purchase

'The Rising of Julian Adams' A superbly written story. Like a tiny pebble dropped into an ancient raging river; a solitary, bright flame of a man dies out, barely discernible to more than a few. Within a short time the story morphs and mutates in depth, breadth, and scope, culminating in an epic showdown. Filled with many things you thought you knew, Richard shows us a very different view of the world. A richly created tapestry Richard manages to have skillfully and masterfully written in a huge plethora of both allies and adversaries. Definitely not your ordinary vampire novel! I’m looking forward to the next in anticipation.

5.0 out of 5 stars One of hubby's fave Christmas gifts December 25, 2012

Format: Paperback

Hubby got this book today for Christmas gift from our boys. He's a vampire freak! LOL! And he is also VERY particular about his books. He has thrown books across the room when he says "It sucks!" This one, he has read more than half of already and LOVES it! Likes it a lot more because it isn't all about sex, which he hates. He likes the action most. He's even got me excited enough to read it and I'm not the biggest vampire fan. Great job, Richard! He is asking for the next and hasn't even finished this one!!!

If you have your own reviews, please post them so that I might rise in the ranks of public opinion and congeal from obscurity for future readers. Reviews are especially important to us independent authors, so I encourage you to be proactive with your opinions about the long and laborious affairs creating our stories for you.

I’m off now with plenty to do to prepare my novella for publishing. Sorry it’s not really book 2 yet; I cheated with the novella, but I promise, I am working on book 2 in The Rising Series, “The Great Expansion.” I will have my beta readers chewing on it soon; I’ll design its cover, and put it out in 3 or 6 months (according to my Kindle Prime contract). My children’s fantasy is also being edited so I hope it too will be coming out soon. I’ll let you all know. For those new to my blog, it’s titled is “The First Adventures of Shawn.” I will be honored to birth Lyric into the family where Wonderland, Oz, Narnia, and Middle-earth have reined brightly for so long.

I’ll try to check in sooner next time, and maybe do some much needed sprucing up of this blog page (that’s a learning curve thing.)

So, Bless You my Friends, Followers, and Fellow Book Fanatics!