Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Beginning 8/29/2012

This is my first entry into the world of blogging. My first book is published and in the publicity phase. It is, “The Rising of Julian Adams,” and is only the first in a new vampire series. The 2nd and 3rd books are in their 1stdraft form, awaiting my 2nd run-through to tighten them up. Book 2 is titled, “The Great Expansion,” and book 3 is, “Clash of the Orders.”

The whole series is about the rise of a vampire society from beneath the grave up into the Julian Empire, and working their way into a world power. It is centered on the strivings to create a united vampire community in the midst of many enemies, and with individuals who twist the gift into horridly ugly manifestations of terror. There is a tense life and death struggle between the noble Julian Order, the Scottonians, the ancient Marcian Council, and the United States.

The first book centers on Northern California where the blessing is born, and the series explores the utopian vision while embroiled in wars touching the entire world and
beyond in this fantastical horror adventure. The Sci-fi edge will grow more prominent as the Julian Empire congeals. These aspects are all birthed in the first book giving glimpses of what is to come.

Love, individuality, and ethical dilemmas are approached head on giving it a human interest appeal. The cast of characters also grows ever larger and diverse as the vampires learn, grow, and use “the push” to become a new superhuman race. Some just want to have fun, some thrive underground, and many rival the superheroes of myth, legend, and beyond. This is a genre bender like no other exploring the next generation of vampires.

It’s all you might expect from a vampire series, full of the familiar, and replete with
surprises. I invite you to plunge yourself into my world… if you dare!