Saturday, February 22, 2014

Whole Lotta Writing Going On

Greetings Everyone!
June was eight months ago, more than a half a year. This is enough time to fall off the planet, but I didn’t!

Let’s start from scratch. So much has changed since the last post so here’s my current standing and links to some of my e-zine stories online. I recalled “The Rising of Julian Adams” for a major rewrite, yeah, my one published book. Hence the short stories below to give you something to read while I finish up this foundational rewrite.

I received kind 5 Star reviews but after writing three more books in the series I had to return to the first and stop ignoring my own disappointment over editing and style. The 2nd edition will be a great improvement and I hope my readers will appreciate the extra work I put into it when it returns to Kindle. For financial reasons I have to start small and expand its availability across the other platforms. An author friend just informed me the CreateSpace was also free so I might have print-on-demand available sooner than I thought! I love holding a real book, don't you?
Book 2: “Empire 13” is no longer a novella. It’s a full size book in a first draft. I can blame my beta readers for that but I fully agree with them; it needed something more. I hope to publish it this year.

Book 3: “The Great Expansion” is also in first draft form and I would be overreaching to say it will be published this year.
Book 4: “Clash of the Orders” is, yep, in its first draft form.

Books 5-7 (if my notes hold up) might wrap up this series… but I have other plans with tie-in books, maybe novellas, and two very different back storylines once The Rising series takes a rest. Then the sky’s the limit…
Now I’ll give you the keys to three other online short stories. They are in the December, February, and the coming March editions of Valterra Magazine (all are still available as PDFs)

I published “3 AM” in December. It’s a demonic ghost story with a message on unity.

In February, “Encounters with Trixie” was published. It’s an apocalyptic journey through horror and a little grittier than I usually write.
In March, “Life in the Green” will come out. Does life in the green refer to having money or something far more menacing? You should know by now, but let me say it hints at one and fall headlong into the other.

I also entered a Horror Flash Fiction contest. I’d never written flash fiction so it was a fun experiment that took a couple hours from reading the criteria to submitting it. It was like a creative writing assignment and I learned from many other fine authors. I didn’t win, but it’s certainly an interesting plunge into insanity. Enjoy my friends, followers, and colleagues!



I sit in obscurity, composed by my last opus. Demons intimately steal my life-spark with incessant strokes of darkness. Bitterness and disgust forge my thoughts ladled from a decaying heart. Mayhem overflows my dank abode. Inside and out, my stool slips in excrement against a catacomb wall.

“Is it my own? Could I make such a mess of things?”

My feet draw to my chest. Would I not sink in search of an absent floor?

“Touch not!” Yells something inside. A familiar voice. Mine, once upon a time, now obscured in madness.

Fidgeting, I mumble to myself. No one can reach me but inhuman things.

Shadows cast butchered visions in the wake of a dream long gone. Nowhere I look relieves their torments. Be still my lips and they may pass me by. Yet they confuse my name as something profane. They always leave, I think, as I pull myself tighter on this decaying stool.

Once I was something before loathing ate all but the final piece. I am the savior of the world! I must vanish to oblivion or condemn it to live my nightmare.

This kindness redeem thee. I erase my bane.