Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Life Such as it Is

Well, the 30th came and went and rather than receiving the news to celebrate, I am still off my broken leg for this whole, long month. That was a bit depressing. It keeps that extra pressure on my wife, but she does it willingly. God bless her for honoring “In sickness and in health.”

In my author world, I have written more on the “Muse Gate.” It is the first story my wife has named. I was calling it “Music Gate” but I bowed to her suggestion. The "Eyes of Prometheus" is fully formatted and ready to submit, but I put it in the hands of a new beta reader, my author friend from across the pond, John. No worries, it is just small corrections that escaped my eyes and ears. No author should stand alone with the editing process. I will compare his suggestions with my clean original and input them myself, so no formatting errors are made.

While I wait, I am also taking care of other things like ad banners for "The Last Train" and a logo/avatar for my pen name personas. I have a long list to keep me on track, and while the "Eyes of Prometheus" is on hold, those represent many sides in an author’s life. Promotions, social media that comes to my overloaded email, file work, and artwork all keep me busy. When I can, I am also reading and reviewing books, which I could do full time, if time permitted. As it is, reading books is my playtime, and I don’t get a lot of that.

Of course, the nights belong to my wife for whatever we desire. She is my love, my best friend, and as such, she’s too important to me to give her anything less!