Sunday, October 26, 2014

Glad to be Back

Greetings Family, Friends, and Fellow Writers & Readers!

A long, long, long time ago…

Short stories were rolling off my fingers like little drops of horror. Science fiction, apocalypse, ghosts, demons, terrestrial dystopian, and alien invaders roamed my pages. Letting this blog rest for seven months lent time to continue in my authorial insanities.

Many of my author friends also have voices in their heads. For us, we consider it quite normal as some well-behaved characters unsuccessfully scream and yell to drive the strange and terrible ones away. Yes, we bear the weight of our worlds on our shoulders, and work the puzzles of chaos until stories are born to entertain our readers.

A group of us concluded that coffee-stained teeth and premature balding was a consequence of our profession. The price of our time cannot be realistically tallied. Our paychecks prove many of us are the lowest paid professionals in the world. Fair wages are a hope, but for our reader’s sake, we sacrifice our sanity, our bodies, and our time. Call us word-weavers, wordsmiths, or just writers and authors. By any name, we proudly produce a kind of tangible magic for everyone’s enjoyment.

MY NEWS: I have shifted gears away from re-visioning my epic, “The Rising of Julian Adams.” Initial writing is an entirely different creature than rewriting. I am clearer on my mission by three finished drafts in “The Rising” series. I will take a fresh run through it at a later time. Not doing so now feels like I am abandoning my child. However, I have a strong love for it and cannot let it die.

“The Last Train” is a short novella that is due out as soon as I receive my copyright. Publication will begin with Kindle and grow from there into other platforms. It is a wonderful fantasy, adventure, comedy, horror, in which the sarcastic hero will do anything to reunite with his wife. The problem? He is dead.

Angels, demons, possessions, and crazy people roam the pages throughout this madcap journey. The driving force behind it all is love, but is love enough?

While I wait, I am also starting to compile a collection of short stories with Author Barry Woodham. He is a delightful Englishman with two science fiction, fantasy series available at most online bookstores. He has a wonderful imagination, and is well worth checking out.

Bless You All!