Friday, November 2, 2012

In & out of “The Rising

This last week was full of distractions, and editing is still going slow with chapter one of “The Rising Book 2: The Great Expansion.” Laying the foundation some twelve years after the first book is not just continuing the story from where it left off. A lot has happened, dynamics have changed, and the Julian Empire has taken on a life of its own. The first short section introduces Julian and Empire telling of this fact in the vampire world he created.
I’m enjoying the time given to writing, and some is being done every day; some days some isn’t much, but I’d still say it is steady going. When I reach the new story telling sections I am making great progress weighed down by very little editing, and the following chapters are of this sort which I expect will also flow well. The descriptive sections of this first chapter are the time-takers. I’m adding details and mixing things up going from vampire culture to utopian architecture to prophecy to religions life to personal relationships; it ponders, states, engages characters, and even has the whimsical introducing my readers to some of the surprising turns I take in this series.

I have also revived the first full book I wrote taking it from typed pages into the digital world. It’s an amusing children’s fantasy along the lines of L. Frank Baum’s “Wizard of Oz”, and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Mine is titled, “The First Adventures of Shawn.”  The scope of my works is primarily in the horror, fantasy, and whimsical veins as has been previewed in “The Rising of Julian Adams,” but this children’s book takes the sex, drugs, rock n roll, blood, and gore out as Shawn travels to and through a fantastic land with a great cast of memorable characters. It’s long overdue putting it back on track towards being published.

I’m still in a flux between these books on track to being publish. Of course, “The 1st Adventures of Shawn” didn’t scan in perfectly, and there will be fix-its to be done, but the text has already gone through the first and second editing with the help of a literary agent I once had. The book was not published in the 80s because of one of my agent’s other successful but controversial authors. I was lost on the sideline, and honestly became a little gun shy being blacklisted with them. Eventually the self-publishing industry attracted me back.
If I go with the children’s book next, I promise you the second and third books in The Rising Series will not be far behind since both are in their first draft forms. It is only the nature of this introduction chapter I’m working on that has slowed me down as I have explained in my blogs. The following chapters will focus on the main thrust of the story, and will need much less time editing; it will be more like read n tweak rather than adding new information to work in like I’m doing now. Also, the third book picks right back up on the story without introductions, so it should be understandable why the two books in The Rising won’t be postponed that much if I do the children’s book first.  

If there are any preferences, I would like to hear from you as the choice hasn’t been made yet. Either way, wish me clarity and Godspeed so that I may bless you, my friends and followers, once, twice, three times again (and much more).