Sunday, June 23, 2013

Where Does the Time Go?

Greetings Friends,

Four months have passed since my last blog because I was caught up in a tornado, as my previous world was undone my new world was spun. Part of me looked at this blog and interpreted the lack of comments as talking to myself and I have plenty of opportunity for that without posting it. The metaphor tells the quick story about everything changing and that has at least been a whirlwind.

I was redirected by the opportunity to write a few short stories while working on the novella. I’m sorry that it has at least contributed to the delay of my primary focus on The Rising series. It also so happened that in working with my first beta readers (oh how I wish I had them on “The Rising of Julian Adams”) they gave me so much more than my editor(s) ever did, and with full transparency of their thoughts, opinions, and editing I have been edged towards a new course in my writing.

What is this new course? The novella, Empire 13, has turned into book 2 as I added new threads of continuity to it so it’s a much better stand-alone piece. It is on its way to becoming book 2, or better said, it is book 2 with a bit of editing to do between myself and my wonderful betas. This also means the other two installments to the series that I’ve already written but not edited are books 3 & 4, oh my!

There’s a catch, short stories excluded. Since I have returned to my pre-first-book writing style I have seen the drastic need to edit my first book with my faithful betas and put out a 2nd Edition! It might not excite you who have been patiently waiting to find out what happens next, but I’m excited! I realize it’s another delay but I have to build on a good strong foundation considering this project is at least a 6 book series and the foundation I have now will not do. It’s my story but it is my creative writing professor’s style, not mine. That must be remedied and my whole team is behind this choice. I don’t want to sound boastful when I tell you I am a much better writer than that version demonstrates. I still stand behind the story but it’s going to be broken down into shorter paragraphs and chapters, and while taking this journey the few mistakes that got past my editors will also be fixed; to perfection… are we not human? Of course it won’t be perfect and the thought of that term applied to creative writing seems facetious and dare I say, irrelevant. Suffice it to be the new improved version.

If you come across my short stories to appear in various anthologies and to be published independently on kindle you will see the vast difference right away. I’m the same storyteller but with a very different style. Most of the anthologies won’t come out until around Christmas or after in 2014 and I am awaiting word from the various publishers whether or not I passed their gauntlet, so here’s to hope.

Bless You my Friends, Followers, and Fellow Writers,

Richard Alan