Sunday, March 2, 2014

Life in the Green

Greetings Friends, Followers, and Colleagues,

The March edition of Valterra Magazine is available and with it, my short story, "Life In the Green." It's a tale about a perfect picket-fence family on the cusp of a change, not theirs, but one that will affect the Earth. Yes, my Dearies, it is a terrestrial horror.

It will become the first chapter of a novella that spins evolution into rapid leaps. My much larger work, "The Rising of Julian Adams," 2nd edition, is now underway. I will go over my beta reader's notes, consider their edits, and proceed with an epic editing project. I need to blend it better with the following three books that are now in first draft form in "The Rising" series.

I'll keep you posted on these and other projects.

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