Sunday, November 23, 2014


My fortune is in friends and family, not circumstances, and I’m happy to say that its lack could not stop the wheels of time from grinding forward. Now, I’m mostly up and running on my laptop, and my novella came into the light beginning on my 61st birthday, November 20th, and hit Amazon and Barnes and Noble on the 21st. I was really hoping for that since the publishing process overshot my plans for an October release. Wrought with problems and processes, which I had never done without a full-package deal, was more time consuming than I knew. We live, we learn.

Many of my friends have helped in my word-of-mouth, or look-of-type campaign, if you prefer, to shake up a small part of our world with the great announcement. I am so grateful to them all! You see, I’m not an entrepreneur, or advertising genie. I’m personable. Maybe the grand promotion designs will catch up with me. I’ll watch, but my goal is to entertain, not to overwhelm with ads.

Yes, I know. The more you sell, the more people you entertain. I don’t know how intensely the public wants to know how I shook the world, or how much they pant for my ads. I am to assume they do. This is the backbone of advertising. Bug potential buyers now or they may have to live less enjoyable lives. My product, I am to say, is the miracle cure for sadness.  

Do I believe in my product? Yes! “The Last Train” was such a delight to write. My characters pulled me this way and that, sometimes by the heart, and sometimes by the hair. I’m durable, but I felt every tug. At least they let me have the last two words: The End.
As most of my writing friends say, “I love creating something out of nothing, but I hate that advertiser’s hat once the party’s over.” We are wordsmiths. We have a gift to share.

My voice has spoken up again, not for my usual nonprofit causes, not for web pages and e-Zines that come and go, but back in the world of books; lasting, precious books. Alas, that cheers my heart and I hope to catch up many others with my prose; yours perhaps?
By Richard Alan

In this short and witty novella, Jake traverses a treacherous path between heaven and hell to reunite with his beloved Bernadette. A vacation celebrating their Silver Anniversary goes very wrong, and so the bizarre journey begins. Jake’s premature death is the catalyst for this comical, suspenseful, and thrilling page-turner. Love is the fuel that empowers his resolute stubbornness.

“The Last Train” is a romantic comedy with a symphony of twists that defy an accurate genre classification. You will face the most unusual life-after-death situations throughout. Angels and demons fight, and crazy people roam the pages. Humor and horror face our sarcastic hero, labeled “heaven’s most wanted.”

It has been described as, “Laugh out loud funny” and, “Bloody brilliant!”

Like many small packages, it contains an amazing and memorable gift from Richard Alan to you. Only 99 Cents!

Barnes and Noble:

Thank You, to all my wonderful friends, and to new readers whom I have not met. Please, Enjoy!!!

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