Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Show Must Go On

Today I started plotting my next short story that could easily become another novella. As planned, “Off the Grass” is intended for the Kindle collection I’m putting together with Barry Woodham of the “Genesis” and “Elf Wars” series, and possibly a guest writer. Within a couple days of writing, I should know where this new story will fit.

Meanwhile, email and promoting has been my focus. I’m generally bad at keeping up with my social networks, but I am very interactive to posts that come to my email. I’m a one on one and small group person. That’s why counseling fit so comfortably into my life. As a teacher, I prefer interactive teaching. Both activities are on hold due to reactive airways asthma that has left me unsure when I can say more words than coughs. That also killed my ability to continue performing my songs. Hey, I had a 30 year run and made many wonderful memories, friends, and supported several non-profit organizations along the way. I freely wrote songs just for the asking.

Well, the next two days I hope to be writing my next story for a few hours before jumping back into the cyberspace fray. I try to avoid the black holes, but they do blend in so well among the stars – my friends, colleagues, and luminaries.

Have a Beautiful, Loving Holiday Season! Peace and Goodwill to you All!  

Richard Alan – Author
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