Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Greetings Friends, Family, and Followers,

Here I sit in my recliner, working on my laptop some seven weeks after the accident. I am still stuck using a walker to get around the house because I still cannot put any substantial weight on my broken leg. I have never felt so old. I look at myself in the mirror with my wife’s eyes. It hurts her to see me like this, and the mirror inserts her broken heart into mine.
On the 30th, I will see my surgeon and he might give me permission to start bearing weight on it again. That will be wonderful and should heal my wife’s wounded heart.

On the book front, I have been promoting “The Last Train” and Barry Woodham and I have been pre-marketing the “Eyes of Prometheus,” our first collection of stories. I have internal formatting to do before submitting it to Amazon Kindle.

I have also been warned that formatting for print is a very different animal that separates the average from the professionals. Until I learn for print layout and formatting, my publisher friend (a real friend) has told me to have it done for me. So far, there have been no costs to me as I have worn all the hats needed for Kindle publishing.

One thing that is out of my hands is that Wren Hartwood, a great friend and author featured in “Eyes of Prometheus” had a death in the family, which has forced her to move to a new home with her two daughters. It has made her unavailable. I understand.

The problem it raises for me is that she is not accessible to read over my work nor give me her bio or personal thanks and acknowledgments. I am at a quandary whether to wait for her to settle enough to bless me with her opinion and details for this publication. I may possibly write her bio myself and somehow fill in the other gaps left by her absence.

She is one of those inner beauties that is greatly missed. Wren helped me finalize “The Last Train” and our group’s interactions on Facebook have felt the absence of her magical spark.
I pray you are well, Wren, and that you and your daughters will settle into a home very soon.

My next two books are already in the works. I have plotted one of them out and written several chapters during my down time from “Eyes of Prometheus.” It is a full on fantasy tale that combines pieces of Greek, Celtic, and German myths. The other is a collection of a different color with some magazine stories I have written and adding some new additions. I am cataloging that under adult literature, filing it as ‘secret’ and will be saying little about it here since it is divergent from my usual stories.

Therefore, there is plenty ahead, lots to do, and my speed to publication will be much quicker this year. Eventually, I will be returning to “The Rising of Julian Adams” which is such a large epic that I will be breaking it up into three books. The rest of the series is still on the table but pushed to the far end. The table seats thirty and I am at its head. It is an imaginary table chock full of other stories clamoring for my attention. Yet, I sit as lord of the table and ultimately have command over which dishes will be served, and which ones will be returned to the kitchen. 


Richard H. Alan – Author

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