Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Life Can Be a Rude Distraction

Greetings My Friends, Family, and Followers,

As some of you know, I broke by leg. Here’s how. My wife was cooking with the broiler and that set off the smoke alarm. Repetitive sounds bother her, so I leapt to my feet and rushed to the battle. It wasn’t as grueling as John Hennery’s contest, but it was, nevertheless, man against machine. 

Dizziness struck as I reached up towards my target. Then a moment of vertigo turned my lights off and I went crashing to the floor in defeat.

When I came to, I was in pain, and I mean losing it pain. I was a twisted pretzel. Step by step, we worked to untangle the wreckage. My tibia was almost poking through my skin from a twisted diagonal break. That was all I was aware of as it screamed louder than other injuries.
Actually, I fractured my fibula close to the knee, strained both my bad knees, hit my head hard, and dislocated my thumb. By the fourth day, the rest of the strains and bruises became known. I was fuzzy headed and in bad physical shape. Yeah, I hurt, but most disturbing was trying to connect the dots in conversation and from moment to moment. Drugs or not, I was a mental basket case for more than a week.

Completing the anthology, “Eye of Prometheus,” was put on hold as was my promotion of “The Last Train.” I did good to get through my 2,000 + emails, but was not much of a conversationalist.
Twenty-five stitches later, both projects are beginning to reboot. I have reviewed my progress and have come to the present with a book cover to design, internal pictures to place, a short story to write, and do the final formatting and submission. Then I will have the job of promoting two books, and will begin writing a short story or two in yet another project under a different pen name.  

I’m slowly recovering and though I’m still sleepy from the trauma, my sights are clearing to pursuit my part in entertaining you.

Richard Alan – Author
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